Meet the Muralist at the Whale Museum.

The future mural will depict orcas chasing Chinook salmon, following forage fish through a kelp forest.

-Submitted by the Whale Museum

Lindsay Carron, an artist & muralist, will be in Friday Harbor this week for a meet and greet Tuesday, July 21, 3:30-5 p.m. at the Whale Museum.

Later this summer along with Josh Peters, an outfitter in Alaska,  she will paint a mural on the side wall of The Whale Museum – it will depict orcas chasing Chinook following forage fish through a kelp forest! We are so excited about this – and very appreciative of this unique opportunity. The permit is currently pending on the mural.

This week, Lindsay is coming to get to know us and Friday Harbor – and we will get to know her. She will be creating a special painting which we hope will lead to a larger project: Storm Drains. Above is an example of the mural she will paint on the Storm Drain in front of The Whale Museum. The purpose of the Storm Drain art is to remind all of us that what goes down the drain ends up in the marine environment – a great opportunity to visualize the need for stewardship! Painting should take place on Wednesday.  Prior to that, we invite you to join us to

Lindsay will talk about her art as well as have prints available for sale.  She would like to hear from us about the importance & role of art on San Juan Island and in Friday Harbor.

“Urban runoff is one of the largest forms of pollutants to ocean life…  Urban runoff is trash, pesticides, and other pollutants that end up flowing down a storm drain and affecting marine life on the other end. This project was [is] done to call attention to this issue and raise awareness about prevention methods that anyone can utilize to protect our cherished ocean life!”

– Lindsay Carron